Lifepointe Hmong Baptist Church

Dear Our Brothers and sisters Churches of Hmong Baptist National association

We, Lifepointe Hmong Baptist Church, would be delighted to invite all our sibling churches and along with your church members to join us for our church grand opening on November 12, 2023 at 2 PM which will be taking place at Good News Hmong Baptist Church. The address is 1280 Regis Lane NW Fridley MN 55432.

Our Church started in June 2023 and now has been recognized by HBNA as a member of HBNA and brother church to the other HBNA churches. We give appreciation to Hmong Unity Church for being our mother church in the church planting process and moving forward in doing God’s work together.

Pastors and leaders of your churches, please don’t shy away and join come join us, encourage us, and support us as your brothers and sisters in Christ. Help us to announce this to your churches and please reach out to me, XF Tongai Vang at [email protected] or 6514428952, for any other concerns.

All are invited by our church team:
Rev. Tongai Vang
Deacon: David Vang
Secretary: Mrs. David Vang
Treasurer: Kong Mang Vang
Man Ministry: Kong Mang Vang
Woman Ministry: Mrs. Kong Mang
Worship Ministry: Elyas Vang
Youth Leader Avina Vang
Sunday School Director: Josiah Vam Neeb Vang