HBNA Niamtsev History


NXh Tsheej Xyooj volunteered to be the first women president when HBNA began in 1981. While the Women’s Ministry had no direction and no funds, NXf Tsheej led the women to collect an offering of $70 in the first year. NXh Paj Tuam held the first training for women in California in 1995. Niam Tsav HaumXeeb held a Women’s Ministry conference in Bethany, MO, and visited the churches in California and Georgia. Niam Txawj Cai assisted HBNA as they reorganized and established the five regions and regional leaders for the Women’s Ministry. Niam Tswv Lis held a 4-year term and made many strives overseas to Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, as well as here in the US.

N VANA VAJ 1999-2000
Niam Vana started the 1st pajntaub craft fundraising project to support overseas missions and was able to send niam Nomtooj Vaj and niam Vamkim Vaj on a mission trip to China & Thailand.
Niam Tsaav Nyaj steadfastly led cov niamtsev through one of the most difficult times in our history— COVID-19—with monthly Bible study, prayers, encouragement, and fellowship via zoom!